“Patty has been helping our aging parents to manage their incoming mail and especially the bills for several years now. She meets with them routinely, and her compassionate and patient manner has made the whole process so much easier on them. She stores all the information on Quicken so that we can access the records as well. Since we live far away, having Patty’s assistance has been a blessing for all of us."


John & Rachel M.

“Mom developed cancer, and she had to consult with many different specialists.  As her daughter, I tried to help as best I could taking her to appointments and then trying to explain all the technical information to my siblings who live all across the country. A friend recommended Patty’s services as a patient advocate and medical information specialist. She helped us all by translating the ‘medical-ese’ into understandable English. She made it possible for us to face the difficult choices and manage Mom throughout the course of her disease."


Renee J.

“We called Patty to help with our filing system. She showed up with such knowledge and expertise, we asked her to overhaul our entire condominium office. She worked with our specific problems, and came up with creative ways to make the work environment function better. The managers are very appreciative because they are less stressed and more productive…benefits for everyone!"


Karen H., Condominium Manager

Thanks to Patty, our family’s papers are in perfect order. She spent time with each of us to gather and save our birth certificates, baptismal records, and even immunization documentation. Some of the papers had to be sent from official city records in distant cities, but she made it happen!


Michael R.

Why the heck do I need a home inventory? That’s what I asked Patty after the workshop she did at our office. I’m a single guy with not much of real value, I didn’t even have a will. But as she pointed out, should something happen to me, because I am alone, records are even more important. Now I know that if there is a disaster, my insurance company will have a reliable record of all my assets, and (God forbid) if there is a fatal accident, my nieces are the beneficiaries officially.


Lou B.